Living in or Buying a House in Western Springs IL? Learn Some Tricks to Staying Active and Healthy In This Great Town!


When it comes to staying healthy, it’s easy to get lost in our day-to-day lives, and to lose interest or outright give up. That is unless you’re having fun!

girls-soccer-game-western-springs-ilNot to quote any studies, rather to appeal to your own sensibility: simply put – we all want to do things that we enjoy. Dieting works best when others are in on it, sometimes even with a little friendly competition. Exercise is best when we are lost in the “sport” of it. Living in Western Springs, you wouldn’t consider it initially, but there is a lot of FUN and SPORT that can be mixed into life on an almost daily basis. In fact, when you are a resident of Western Springs, IL, it’s hard to avoid the offerings of the Western Springs Park District or “WS Parks!” as they call it.

While each area town has their perks, if you’re looking for ways to physically active, yet stay near the City of Chicago, Western Springs might be just the place for you. Touting a fantastic array of activities: from Pickle Ball Courts at Northeast Park, to the new Laidlaw Playground, and EXOFIT Equipment at Spring Rock Park and Ridgewood, there are options for nearly every level.

Much in the same way, Nancy Miller – real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – sees the “sport” in real estate. Seeing the friendly competition of towns such as Western Springs, La Grange, Brookfield, Hinsdale and La Grange Park, who are always appealing for new home owners to consider moving their way. Buyers are met with some tough decisions when looking at these towns, and deciding which will best serve the relative health of their desired lifestyle. When you work with Nancy Miller, you’ll find the fun side of real estate. They say in fitness that no two people are the same, and so, each plan needs to be individually focused. Whether you are looking to sell your current house or buy your next home, Nancy makes the process a special experience – one that is about you, the individual. Nancy Miller’s clients will tell you, that when it comes to the fitness of your real estate transaction, Nancy has the discipline and “know how” to get you to your goals.

While you ponder, here are some tips for your healthful (and real estate) success:

  • The scale: poundage is only one way to measure success, however, it isn’t always the most accurate. A fitness coach will tell you that there is a laundry list of factors in your body that effect the number you see on the scale. Examples include: water retention, hormones, and your lean muscle mass to fat ratio. This last one is brings the most obvious difference. A more accurate gauge is how your clothes fit, and better still is your tape measure. Or try measuring your progress by how much better your body works instead of how much better it looks.
    In very much the same way, when you are looking to make a move, consider where you are and where you want to be. The bedroom and bathroom count is one way to house shop. “We need more space, so we must need another bedroom or two.” Be cautious in making a leap like this before you really “measure” how you use your living space. If the quantity of people in your household has changed, this might indicate the beds & baths approach. If you’re simply feeling like something is askew, it’s quite possible that you don’t necessarily need another bedroom, but possibly more or less square footage for your office or home gym. Maybe it’s time to shed some of that unwanted clutter. These are all aspects of real estate that Nancy Miller advises her clients on when they’re considering their next move.

  • Working too hard. If one workout a day is good, then two or three are better. Right? Often new exercisers think they can get better results faster by going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to the habits of an NFL lineman. The results? Injury. Exhaustion. Frustration. Giving up. Look at the long-term: start easy and work your way up.
    Today’s real estate market is very much the same. Let’s face it, there’s a LOT of information out there. alone is responsible for millions of real estate information gatherers every day. But much like exercise, it’s easy to get lost in the over-whelming amount of information available. Following logic: if one day of searching online brings X results, then searching for a few weeks will bring even better results right? Much like exercising, over-searching brings exhaustion. Frustration. And occasionally, giving up. Nancy Miller is a Realtor who knows her marketplace. Working out of Coldwell Banker in La Grange, IL, she often has advanced knowledge of upcoming homes for sale in the area. Letting Nancy guide you through the history of area and current market statistics is crucial. Stop the overload, and get the guidance you need to succeed.

  • Comparing yourself to others. Ah, the old trap. In our culture, we often look to celebrities as “the goal” of our own fitness. What we often forget is that their livelihoods often depend on their physique, and that they nearly ALWAYS hire a professional trainer/coach to make sure they reach their goals. Focus on your own gains and successes and not the person’s next to you.
    Keeping up with the Jones’ can become trying — both in fitness and in real estate. Rather than focusing on what others have or are doing, consider your own true needs. When it comes to fitness, consider working with a personal trainer or nutritionist, at least a couple times to determine the needs of your body. When it comes to your home, contact Nancy Miller, a Western Springs area Realtorwho knows how to guide her clients toward their real estate goals.

  • Lastly, don’t give up too soon. Results are inevitable if you work out. It’s that simple. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you’re the only person in the world who’s ever lived who is immune to exercise, and so you might as well give up. Even if you don’t see results yet, focus on the ones you feel: more energy, better sleep, clearer mind.
    Yes, the same goes for real estate. There is a home out there for everyone. Yours may not be on the market at the moment, but with the right guidance, you can be sure to be ready for when the time is right. Contact Nancy Miller to grab a coffee and get started on your plan.

Here’s to your health!


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