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Something for everyone at the Community House in Hinsdale, IL!

If you haven’t yet heard of The Community House in Hinsdale, IL, then let me have the pleasure of introducing you.  Whether you are looking for ways to get active, learn something new and interesting, need some help with the pressures of life, or want to get more involved in your community, The Community House is the place to go.


The history behind The Community House is truly fascinating.  Started 76 years ago in anticipation of the U.S. involvement in World War II, the founders believed it was up to each community to serve their own social needs.  The founders financed the project with their own money and found donors to help.  Since then, that is how this organization has been able to offer so much to the Hinsdale, IL community and its neighbors.  It prides itself on the generosity (both volunteered time and donated money) of individuals in the community.

women snapping a selfie in volunteer t-shirtsAfter World War II ended, Hinsdale enjoyed the growth happening across the United States.  The Community House benefited from this growth as well, moving into to bigger digs and offering even more social support to the community.

When uncertain times came to our country again in 2001, The Community House once again anticipated the community’s needs and expanded and restored the house.  Now it is the hub for residents of Hinsdale to get together for fun and fitness, to explore the arts and culture, to find psychological assistance, and to brainstorm ways to make the community better.


The Community House focuses on two very important areas–community recreation and social services.

Community recreation

The cornerstone program of The Community House is their theater program, which originated in 1943.  From role-playing games for kids to Shakespeare lectures for adults, The Community House really adds value to the community with this program.  And best of all, Stage Door Fine Arts, the theater company associated with The Community House puts on several live performances throughout the year.

Other programs The Community House offers under the umbrella of “arts” for  children include: making circuitry art, learning to do podcasts, studying different genres of dance, playing musical instruments, painting, and drawing.

The call it “enrichment for adults and offer: card clubs, book discussions, dance, meditation, music festivals, painting and drawing (with wine!), and a non-threatening, non-auditioned choir.

group of people exercising with elastic bandsTo stay fit, kids can participate in team sports like flag football, gymnastics, volleyball, pickle ball, soccer, hockey, badminton, and tennis.  Then there are fitness classes that help kids build muscular strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility through games.   Kids can also sharpen individual skills like archery and fencing.

For the grown ups, The Community House helps them stay fit and engaged with yoga (including classes for the 50+ set), Pilates, aerobics, and cross-training.

Social services

You would expect nothing less than great social services from an organization founded on serving social needs in a time of war, and here The Community House welcomes everyone in need, without regards to age or financial status.

The Counseling Center at the Community House provides counseling and mental health services to anyone who reaches out.  And well over 10,000 people have!  The Counseling Center works with anyone, whether they have insurance or not.  For those without insurance, they offer a sliding-scale fee structure, so anyone needing help won’t have their problems compounded by their ability to pay.

In addition to the general counseling and mental health services The Community House provides, they also house Charlie’s Gift Center for Autism and Related Disorders.  This program not only provides services to children, teens, and young adults struggling with autism and disorders like autism, they also provide counseling and training for the families of people with autism.

Finally, The Community House offers several educational programs including preschool and tutoring services.

The NAEYC accredited Hinsdale Community Preschool, founded early on in The Community House’s history (1942), focuses on developing the whole child.   By building on the foundations at each level, young children learn social and emotional skills as they gain the independence they will need for kindergarten.

For the older student, The Community House has The Village Tutors, a group of highly trained and nationally certified tutors help students with everything from standardized testing, a particularly difficult assignment, or subject to learning disorders like dyslexia.

Lastly, The Community House even has an outreach program for at-risk kids, teens, and adults called Willowbrook Corner.  Not only do they provide the same wonderful counseling and mental health services provided on-site at The Community House, they also offer tutoring, host speakers on various career topics, hold sports clinics, invite job coaches, and offer arts and crafts workshops.  In addition, they hold supply drives for school supplies, food, and other needs in the community.  And of course, it is all volunteer driven and funded.

Upcoming events

To show you what kind of great programming they have for everybody, here are just a few events coming up this fall.  Be sure to sign up, and have fun!

  • September 25, Shakespeare Sessions: The Comedies
  • September 26, Trip to See Tootsie
  • October 5, Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Beethoven and Brahms
  • October 8, School’s Out Trip to Urban Trampoline and Great America Fright Fest Trip
  • October 14, Brunch with Wonder Woman
  • October 22, Armchair Art History: Worlds Colombian Exposition
  • October 29, Armchair Art History: Chicago: Rising from the Ashes

Be sure to contact The Community House now for these and more upcoming community recreation and social services!


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