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The Village of La Grange Park, IL Helps Homeowners Stay Safe, Sustainable, and Spectacular!

With its historic buildings and homes, thriving park district, excellent school system, and easily accessible public transportation, residents in La Grange Park, IL enjoy a beautiful, connected community.  And with local government programs to make caring for their homes easy and affordable, residents continue to make La Grange Park, IL a great place to live.

Sewer backup prevention program

While not the most glamorous thing to talk about, sewer backup can lead to many problems for a homeowner with regards to not only sanitation, but also damage to the home and personal property.  However, owners of single-family homes in La Grange Park can apply on a first-come-first-serve basis for a 50% reimbursement program to improve the plumbing related to sewer backup problems in their homes.  There is a $3,000 limit for backflow devices or $5,000 limit for overhead sewers.  Homeowners must contract their own licensed plumber and pay for the repairs.  They must obtain 3 different estimates and submit them with their application to the Village.  They can be reimbursed following a Village inspection of the completed work.  For more information, including what is and is not eligible and how to apply, see the complete information on the program here.

Solar panel installation rebate

solar panels in a fieldHere is more great news for La Grange Park, IL residents and businesses–especially those wanting to reduce their environmental impact.  The Village will cover building permit fees at 100% for homeowners and at 50% for businesses.  Residents and business owners still have to pay for the installation and plan review fees, but having all or half of the building permit fees waived is a great incentive for installing solar panels.  And this is on top of the overall cost savings of going solar!  For more information on this and other great Village programs, contact Scott Boyle, the Deputy Building Commissioner.

Electrical aggregation program

wind farm in field of sunflowersJust last month, The Village re-instituted its electrical aggregation program that, between 2012 and 2014, saved participating residents and businesses an average of $319 on their electrical bills each year.  The Village has a new contract for residents and businesses under which they will pay the ComEd (local power utility provider) rates and get wind renewable energy certificates at 100%  at no extra cost for 36 months, starting this November.  What’s in it for the Village?  An EPA Green Power Partner Community designation!  Find out more on the FAQ page.

HELP program

And now for the program that not only keeps La Grange Park, IL beautiful, but also connects the community–the HELP program is an organized program for neighbors to give each other a hand with outdoor chores.  Neighbors who are happy to do things like mowing the lawn, painting, raking leaves, weeding, shoveling snow, and other minor chores complete an application.  What a warm, welcoming way to give back to your neighborhood, keep it pretty, and get to know your neighbors.  So if you have some time and energy to volunteer, fill out an application here, or contact Sandy Bakalich, Executive Secretary and Deputy Village Clerk for more information.

Sustainability makes a beautiful town

In addition to preventing sewer backups, installing solar panels, and encouraging neighbors to help each other, The Village also promotes several other ways to keep the town beautiful and thriving–rain barrels and native planting.

water splashing in a barrelRain barrels: while it may seem like a lot of trouble to collect rain water, it’s really just as easy as placing a rain barrel at the end of the downspout on your home and letting it fill up.  Use the water you collect on your yard, and save up to about 40% on your water bill in the summertime!  This also keeps the chlorine off your yard and the minerals on. You can buy a modern rain barrel at a local hardware store or greenhouse to keep the insects at bay and the kids safe.  Need more incentives or how-to information?  Visit the sustainability section of The Village website.

Native planting: tired of spending so much time and money on your lawn?  Back aching from weeding?  The Village encourages residents to find the plants, trees, and shrubs native to the area and able to survive the extreme heat and cold of this climate.  Because native plants are already adapted to the soil and the climate, they are easier to grow and easier to care for, not to mention they bring on more butterflies and bees.  Not sure where to start?  Try the Illinois Native Plant Society, of course!

Safe, Sustainable, and Spectacular

La Grange Park, IL is a special place.  Stately and bucolic at the same time, full of caring families and helpful neighbors, it is a great place to live.  And for the local government to provide so many ways to make owning and maintaining a beautiful home so easy, why wouldn’t residents love it here?


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