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La Grange Park IL Is Celebrating 125 Years!

For those of you that know Nancy Miller, real estate professional at Coldwell Banker in La Grange, IL, you know that Nancy keeps an eye on the numbers. The number of homes for sale in La Grange Park, Brookfield, and Hinsdale, IL for example. The number of houses sold by happy sellers in those same towns, and everything in between. Her collection of client testimonials will tell you, word for word, why time and again, they consider Nancy Miller to be a FIVE STAR REALTOR in La Grange, IL.

la grange park illinois celebrating 125 years

So when it comes to a milestone in her service area, you know Nancy will be at the forefront. After all, it’s not every day that your town turns 125!

To think that the Village of La Grange Park, IL was founded back in 1892 is amazing. In that time, we’ve seen the development of the thousands of airplanes that fly in and out of Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway International Airports, the expansion of commuter trains into the suburbs, the building of Chicago’s skyline, including the Sears Tower in 1973 (now Willis Tower), and the proliferation of the American automobile industry. This kind of talk is enough to make anyone, including a town, feel the history behind it when you look at the numbers.

Coldwell Banker and La Grange Park, IL Both Have Reached Above 100 Years and Are Still Going Strong!

HOWEVER, much like Nancy’s company Coldwell Banker, who is 112 years of age as of this writing, La Grange Park, Illinois remains integrated and relevant in today’s ever-changing environment. Coldwell Banker is continually developing real estate tools that allow Nancy Miller to be at the top of her game. With traditional marketing and leading edge website platforms in her repertoire, Nancy provides the best of both worlds to each and every client.

At 125 years “young”, La Grange Park is no different. Leading technology is no stranger to this area. With a library district that is always leading the way (as noted in July 18’s post), research is now a breeze for kids, teens, and adults alike. Considering “going green” in La Grange Park? There are already options in place, and contractors readily available to help you do it! Do you have a volunteer’s spirit? Ready to give back? Consider giving HELP, or Helping Everyone in LaGrange Park. This fantastic program is designed to grant assistance with anything from weed pulling to day-to-day chores.

There are many things that have been omitted in this article, one that cannot be truly put into words. That is something that can only be felt in being part of a community such as La Grange Park, Illinois. There is a level of pride and dedication found here, both to self and community-improvement. If you’ve been considering moving (buying a home) in an area that is driven and proud, La Grange or La Grange Park, Illinois will be there for you. The sense of community and support offered to both owners and renters alike is undeniable. Whether you’re planning to retire in La Grange Park, or are expecting to sell and move again, time in this rare town can only benefit you.

With that in mind, Happy Birthday La Grange Park, Illinois!


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