Whether Buying or Selling Your Home—“Let Miller Move You!”

Yes, that’s right! It’s just barely 2018, and yet Nancy Miller wants everyone in La Grange, IL and surrounding Chicago suburbs to be well aware that the Spring Real Estate Market is upon us. It may sound odd to think about Spring right now, let alone getting out into the snow and windchills of Chicagoland Winter to move furniture and boxes, but let us explain.

“The Spring Market is Here!” Yes, even in January because:

  • In Chicagoland our standard contract allows for two weeks after the contract for your attorneys to review and negotiate any terms of the contract itself (after signing), as well as, a week to have a home inspection and another to negotiate any findings (two weeks), which both start counting from the time of the contract being accepted.
  • The average home buyer needs 45-60 days for their mortgage application and paperwork to be processed for the closing.
  • As a home seller, you will need to figure out where you’re moving to, if you haven’t already. In today’s marketplace, it’s common to enter into your own home purchase with a “home to sell” contingency.

Although things change over time, these points have held true in recent years. Questions on these scenarios and how they apply to you? Nancy Miller at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in La Grange, IL for guidance on how to best move forward with your own real estate needs in the New Year!

Each Real Estate Market is Unique—Here are Some of the Ways

Whether you live in La Grange, IL—or even neighboring Brookfield, Countryside, La Grange Park, Hinsdale, or Western Springs—you’ll be sure to find that there are certain nuances to each and every neighborhood.

Nancy likes to keep her clients informed as they go through the process, and the ins-and-outs of the local market are something that come with experience. Even if you’re looking in a different part of Chicagoland, you’ll find that things vary, whether you’re buying or selling. Here are some commonplace variables to be aware of, so you’re not caught off guard:

  • Most mortgage companies require a home insurance policy be established prior to closing—instated on your closing date. So, it’s a good idea to speak to your insurance company or ask for a solid referral from a trusted source such as Nancy.
  • Some local towns require a home inspection be done by their own village inspector prior to authorizing the closing on a property. While not common, be aware that it does occur.
  • Title transfer taxes are typically paid to each city/village upon closing a property. This is a standard line item found in your closing documentation, however, who pays it will depend on whether that town has chosen to make it payable by the buyer or seller.
  • If you’re the one selling the home or you’re the one buying the home—everything is negotiable. Need to close at a further date than typical (within reason)? Want to take your custom drapes with you? Feel the pool table currently in the rec room really makes the space, and you want it to stay? Is everything about the home fantastic, except for the mauve living room? IT’S ALL NEGOTIABLE—as long as both sides agree. Sometimes home inspections address items. Sometimes you can ask that the home’s seller fixes/changes something, and sometimes you offer the home’s buyer a financial credit as part of the closing process. Personal items can be transferred as part of the sale as well.

    A special note from Nancy Miller of Coldwell Banker on this final bullet point:
    When buying a house, try to see past the decorations—the paint, the carpet, etc—and see the home that you’re truly getting. A bucket of paint can often make a world of difference to overcome simple buyer objections.

To learn more about Nancy’s approach to real estate, and to begin the process of selling or buying your home, contact Nancy today.


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